Terms of use

Terms of use for Innologics Innovation Forum

The Innologics Innovation Forum supports by a hosted platform for Systematic Innovation through an open, moderated innovation process. The forum is run by the venyard GmbH and managed by moderators of Innologics e.V.

The registration and use in the free area are completely free. The marked open issues can be actively entered for anyone as a registered user and are free for reading along for unregistered users. The open forum is open to all innovation enthusiasts. The closed topics are reserved for authorized users as customers of venyard GmbH. We expect a serious and respectful participation of our registered users. Click on "Accept" if you agree with the rules mentioned below. Then you can register.

1. Users

Each user is allowed to participate freely and openly to the issues, as long as he follows the rules of the Innovation Forum. All posts express the personal views of the authors. The owners of the site can not be held responsible for the content of individual posts. By registering the user agrees not to abuse the forum by posting obscene, vulgar, impolite, disrespectful, (extreme) political views or (verbal) violations of the law. He agrees to follow the forum rules. Each user has the opportunity to raise objections against decisions against him. This can only be made via the forum's own PN-function or via email to info(at)innologics.de. Information about locks and the reasons are generally not made public.

2. Moderators

The topics of the Innovation Forum are created by the moderators. Inquiries or suggestions for new topics can be submitted via PM to the moderators or to info(at)innologics.de. The administrators and moderators of the Innovation Forum will attempt to keep unwanted content from this website. However, it is impossible to check all the posts. Posts and user accounts can be edited or deleted by administrators and moderators without further explanation due to violation of public decency. Assessment and sanctioning is the sole responsibility of the moderating team, e.g. the moderators can decide to block a user temporary.

3. Rules of Innologics Innovation Forum

Rule no. 1: Netiquette

We are respectful and courteous to each other and follow this in our posts. Writing in CAPITAL LETTERS is interpreted as shouting and considered rude accordingly.

Rule no. 2: Posts and comments

Do not post any illegal content.

Make your contributions to the correct topic.

Be careful with your posts and comments on the generally accepted rules of the language used.

Spam posts are not welcome.

Quotes should be marked as such and provided with a source indication.

Provocative insinuations against a person or his expressed opinion are unwanted.

Threats, insults, personal attacks, trolls (derogatory remarks about sensitive topics with the aim of provoking a fight), etc. are prohibited. Users who are attacked in this manner should not react, but report the relevant contribution to the moderators.

Rule no. 3: Quotations

Quotes of complete articles from other sources are prohibited by law.

Excerpts of a complete article may be posted with clear attribution and a link of the original article.

Rule no. 4: Links

Streaming links are unwanted. Violations will be penalized.

Links to illegal downloads, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Links to adult content such as pornography, racist or violent content are also strictly prohibited.

Rule no. 5: Prohibited content

Each user is responsible for the legality of the content of his posts. Prohibited are all content that is illegal or considered obscene, pornographic or otherwise offensive. This is particularly true for the following contents:

- advertising, e.g. for political parties and commercial websites or content,

- illegal content or links,

- content that is not according to the youth policy released for all age groups,

- discriminatory remarks of any kind,

- copyright Infringing contents and instructions for preparation of such content,

- publishing of personal data of non-celebrities without their express consent.

Rule no. 6: Accounts

Spare nicks are prohibited. A spare nick for the purpose of circumventing a warning or block is as well sanctioned.

The sharing of one's own account with a blocked user is prohibited. Both members will be sanctioned accordingly.

The concealment of the IP address is strictly prohibited in general.

Private disputes have to be arranged by the users outside the forum, or regulate via PM.

The publication of private messages (PM) is expressly prohibited.

4. Prosecution

Offenses within the meaning of the Penal Code can of course also pursued outside of the platform brought and prosecuted. In this case, venyard GmbH will give the investigating authorities necessary information, as well against the wishes of the affected users.

5. General Information

This page stores for a limited time cookies on the user’s computer to allow enhanced functions. As part of the statutory requirements and opportunities, we store the IP addresses of all users as not personal information.

Enjoy the use of the Innologics Innovation Forum!