Your Innovation Network

Since 2003, INNOLOGICS® has investigated and devloped methods and procedures in the area of Systematic Innovation. INNOLOGICS® has continually improved methods for idea generation, probelm solving, mobilizing innovation in coroporations, patent genrartion and applying the Theory or Inventive Problem Solving TRIZ.

INNOLOGICS® is at registered association at the district court in Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany.

All members of INNOLOGICS® have many years of real practical industry experience.

Your Innovation Channel INNOLOGICS® TV

Follow us on our YouTube channel  INNOLOGICS® TV and learn about the application of effective innovation methods for real innovation. Our experts explain the proceedings of Systematic Innovation, e.g. the application of TRIZ methods, and the processes of Total Technlology Development. They comment regularly on current themes and examine critically interesting implications with the help of innovation principles.

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Your Innovation Consultants

Our experts can be booked as consultnts for an effective and efficient innovation process. We apply our proprietary INNOLOGICS® process, which is based on the principles of Total Technology Development. Total Technology Development integrates selected methods, such as value analysis, TRIZ and system technique. The INNOLOGICS® process typically follows phases from task analysis up to the implementation of ideas.

Do you need a moderator for your Systematic Innovation initiative using the INNOLOGICS® process? Contact our members on our Experts and Moderators page.

Your Effective and Efficient Idea Workshop

While conventional idea workshops are mainly based on unstructured brainstorming, INNOLOGICS® offers a strict methodical approach. Guided and supported by our experts we guarantee extended and effective idea generation.  With INNOLOGICS®, you avoid trial and error efforts and the random influences of coincidence.

INNOLOGICS® generates high quality results instead of a high quantity of rudimentary ideas.

Your Membership in a Club of Innovation Experts

As an expert in innovation methods, you can also apply as a member of INNOLOGICS®. If you are interested in developing innovation methods, you can qualify as a member of our team.

You can bring ideas and initiatives into research for the enhancement of innovation methods and innovation management. In addition, you will participate in all of our initiatives and events, and you can use our modern innovation tools.

Are you interested? Then contact us with a description of your participation reasons with your application sending an e-Mail to info(at)