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Your forum for innovation

INNOLOGICS® is a multi-functional forum for Systematic Open Innovation. With our Idea Generator, you have access to our proprietary INNOLOGICS® process guided by international experts in innovation management and problem solving. You can either participate in our Open Innovation forum threads and contribute with your ideas, inspired by the thinking methods we present, or you can place your own innovation initiatives and projects into a forum for a closed and secure community.

Everyone is welcome to read our Open Innovation threads. As a registered user of the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator, you are a member of our idea community. You can propose new themes or threads and let our community work on your innovation tasks or the problems you post.

Your innovation network

Be a part of our enthusiastic innovators network. Once registered, you can get in touch with all other users via private messages. Furthermore, you can present yourself to the network with your profile.

Either you can be a member of our world-wide, open-innovation team or you can participate confidentiality in a secure group of experts to work on themes. Besides the private message options, you can share a joint calendar or document attachment feature and support your team work.

Being a member of INNOLOGICS® network or a team member in a secure group means maintaining close contact to your co-innovators at all times. By using INNOLOGICS® you save significantly on traveling and hosting costs compared to conventional idea workshops.

You want to participate but as an anonymous user? You can place your avatar and nickname - but of course you have to follow our netiquette rules.

Your moderated innovation process

Using the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator, you can choose from among experts of Systematic Innovation for your innovation initiative. INNOLOGICS® moderators in the Open Innovation forum are members of Innologics e.V. This guarantees a high quality in method application.

Furthermore, our moderators can be booked for your closed innovation forum. Here we apply our proprietary INNOLOGICS® process, which is based on the principles of Total Technology Development. Total Technology Development integrates selected methods, such as value analysis, TRIZ and system techniques. The INNOLOGICS® process typically follows ten steps from task introduction up to implementation of ideas.

If you would like to handle your innovation initiative in a closed secure community with experts and participants of your choice, we can coach your moderators in applying the INNOLOGICS® process and methods.

Do you need a moderator for your Systematic Open Innovation initiative using the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator? Contact our members on our Experts and Moderators page.

Your application platform for innovation methods

As members of Innologics e.V., the INNOLOGICS® moderators are experienced in applying effective innovation methods. Since 2003, Innologics e.V. has investigated and developed methods and procedures in the area of Systematic Innovation. Innologics e.V. has continually improved upon its procedures for idea generation, problem solving, applying the theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), mobilization, business development and patent issues.

As a registered user guided by INNOLOGICS® moderators, you will learn how to use and apply our methods, if possible on real innovation tasks.

Your effective and efficient world-wide idea workshop

While conventional idea workshops are mainly based on unstructured brainstorming, the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator promotes guided and extended idea generation. With INNOLOGICS®, you avoid trial and error efforts and the random influences of coincidence. INNOLOGICS® generates high quality results instead of a high quantity of rudimentary ideas.

By using the INNOLOGICS® web platform, you will now have the time to participate in idea sessions whenever you desire. The online platform allows you to work around your daily work load and busy schedule. You can provide your input 24 hours a day at any location in the world. And with our mobile optimized entry feature, you can enter INNOLOGICS® exactly when an idea comes to your mind, e.g., sitting in a train, waiting for a haircut, sitting in a café or even at the beach.

All posts and contributions are stored. You can follow the whole innovation history. No comments or posts are lost or neglected. You can follow all thoughts and log activities of your team members at any time. INNOLOGICS® means complete transparency within your innovation project.

Your idea evaluation tool

INNOLOGICS® offers complete transparency and interactivity for your idea or concept evaluation. Either you directly place a poll in your idea thread, or you use a separate evaluation forum in your INNOLOGICS® process that includes polls, further analysis and evaluation options. You can interactively generate your evaluation criteria and use them in your polls.

By using the INNOLOGICS® evaluation system, you can either integrate your Idea Generator participants in your own forum or you can use a secured forum with evaluation experts. INNOLOGICS® accelerates evaluation and implementation and maintains the motivation of your idea donators.

Your support in implementing innovations

The INNOLOGICS® platform supports the implementation of innovations and projects. Every team member is simultaneously updated and informed and can share his work progress. Therefore, INNOLOGICS® is an ideal complement to agile project management.

As a project manager, you will like the close connectivity to your world-wide team members and the immediate feedback features. Use INNOLOGICS® as well for multi-project management. As an external moderator, you can control all your company’s projects in several secure forums.

Your connection to innovation experts

As an expert in innovation methods, you can also apply as a member of Innologics e.V. If you are working as an independent consultant and if you are interested in developing innovation methods, you can qualify as one of our moderators.

As a member, you belong to the network of independent innovation experts who are qualified to join the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator platform as moderators. Customers of the INNOLOGICS® Idea Generator platform can choose you as a consulting expert.

You can bring ideas and initiatives into research for the enhancement of innovation methods and innovation management. In addition, you will participate in all of our initiatives and events, and you can use our modern innovation tools.

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Your partner for innovation ventures

INNOLOGICS® is a product of venyard GmbH. venyard is specialized in setting up, maintaining and exploiting intellectual property. venyard provides effective and efficient support in obtaining world-wide patent protection. You will be guided by venyard’s patent experts as moderators for your patent application issues. You have direct contact to patent attorneys who can begin the process of protecting your ideas.

Please contact venyard GmbH for your inquiry:

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